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Breathe Health Spa is Springfield’s new Medical Spa and original Halotherapy Wellness Center. Their holistic approach to improving overall health and wellness is achieved by creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere that provides a full range of body and facial therapies. Breathe is in tune with the latest aesthetic advancements with both in-clinic treatments and at-home skincare regimens. Licensed and Certified staff guide clients through a personalized experience toward rejuvenation by combining a number of different modalities and techniques. 

Enlighten Your Senses: The moment a client steps inside the spa lobby, all senses are queued: the calming tones of glowing Himalayan salt stones, aromatherapy ranging from soothing lavender to ocean spray, sounds of chill Lo-fi beats or ocean waves, and samplings of lavish creams, sprays, and oils at the reception desk. Continue the heightened awareness through the many facial and massage services and the taste of salt during Halotherapy sessions.

Pampering Clients: Skin is the largest and most sensitive organ of the human body. Breathe Health Spa integrates the practice of healing through touch in most all treatments. For example, Micro needling is an hour and a half service with 40 minutes of massage included. The client receives a pressure point and effleurage scalp, neck, and shoulder massage during the numbing phase and a tension relief massage post-treatment along with LED red and infrared light therapy. For lash and brow services, 20 min of scalp massage between processing is included.

What Is Halotherapy? Dry Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, is a natural alternative and complementary way of improving overall wellness and the immune system, respiratory issues, skin conditions, detoxification, athletic performance, and more. Pure Grade Sodium Chloride is heated and ground into microparticles by a machine called a Halogenator. During a session, the salt aerosol is dispersed into the room while lounging in zero gravity chairs or in addition to receiving massage therapy. The inhaled microns of salt penetrate deep into the lungs and sinus cavities, while also landing on the skin. Due to dry salt’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and absorbent properties, Halotherapy treatments may help relieve symptoms of conditions including Allergies, Asthma, Viral infections, Cystic Fibrosis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Stress, Anxiety, Headaches, Snoring Sleeping problems, COPD, Emphysema and Bronchitis.

About the Owner and Staff

As the new owner, Elizabeth Satterfield has transformed Breathe Salt Vault into Springfield’s newest Medical Spa and Wellness Center, Breathe Health Spa. She has developed the facility to incorporate aesthetic treatments alongside other wellness modalities. In keeping with the Green Circle Projects philosophy, creating mixed used spaces allows Breathe to personalize services for each client. Multifunctional rooms can be transformed from a Halotherapy oasis to a luminous massage or yoga space.

Initially, last year’s COVID shutdown provided Satterfield with the opportunity to conceptualize this business model and take the steps to make the endeavor a reality. Beginning with a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising, she started her career in LA, working for ABC in Public Relations, Broadcast Publicity, then as a Media Buyer. After starting a family, she stayed home with her two children, Camron and Chloe, for 12 years before returning to the corporate world. Elizabeth has worked in many facets of business…from retail, e-commerce and new business development to administration, HR and Customer Relations Management. 

Ultimately, a lifelong interest in the beauty and fitness industry directed her to start her own business as a Certified Plasma Fibroblast technician. After becoming a Licensed Esthetician and meeting Kim Gardner, previous owner of Breathe Salt Vault, she knew this was the perfect environment to add aesthetics.

She is most proud of the kind and caring team at Breathe Health Spa. Licensed Estheticians and a spa coordinator collaborate with Certified yoga/wellness instructors and Licensed Massage Therapists. “The beautiful skills and positive attitudes of the staff members are essential to the culture and company objectives of providing premium services that are customized to individual needs” says Elizabeth. 

Inhale. Exhale. Be Well. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Licensed Esthetician or Certified Halotherapist to discover how Breathe Health Spa can help you meet your skincare and wellness goals. From soothing salt rooms where you can breathe easily to an array of skin treatments for the face & body, as well as lash and brow enhancements, Breathe Health Spa’s service menu offers something for everyone.

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