Springfield FitLife is the ideal partner for any organization wishing to target fitness enthusiasts in our community. We have seen significant results from our ads in Springfield FitLife, and always enjoy working with their friendly, professional staff.
— Melissa Rea, Care to Learn/Panther Run
It’s always great exposure for businesses like ours to get in front of health-conscious people. That’s why Springfield FitLife is such a great choice!
— Shelly Hampton, Shape Shifters Pilates
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Springfield FitLife Magazine is awesome! Beautifully organized and distributed to the target audiences that matter the most to small business owners in the Ozarks!
— Aaron Anthes, American Pool & Spa
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I want to thank Springfield FitLife for being a media sponsor for our Making Strides event. They did a great job on the ad for my event. Would definitely recommend them!
— Brian Wilfong, American Cancer Society
A big thank you to Springfield FitLife. Your advertising team is courteous and professional. My ad looks fantastic, and I’m very pleased with the response.
— Dr. Keith LaFerriere, Laferriere Vitality Centre
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We sell vehicles that elevate our capabilities and allow us to go places we never thought imaginable! Springfield FitLife just aligns with our market and promotes what we want as a community!
— Derek Hunter, The Auto Shoppe
I so appreciate Springfield FitLife, they have done such an excellent job with my ad campaign. Everyone that I have worked with over there is so friendly and nice and professional!! Thank you so much for helping me grow my business!!
— Lisa Cox, MODERE North America