Yoga and Weight Loss Secrets with Bill Lynch

Living the Springfield FitLife to some means finding your zen, weight loss, or both! Our good friend Bill Lynch tells you the ins and outs of how yoga can be beneficial to weight loss. Read an excerpt from the article "The Secret of Yoga and Weight Loss" below! 

"Good yoga teachers and other health professionals will let you in on a foundational truth of what it takes to gain a truly healthy body and mind. That is, whatever exercise and nutrition you incorporate into your life must be a sustainable long-term, lifestyle. That foundational truth is important to keep in mind. "


You can read the rest of Bill's article on Ozark Mountain Yoga's website and find some more helpful articles like this! Come back to our blog for more content from local athletes, trainers, and health professionals! We'll be sharing articles from our favorite southwest Missouri fitness blogs weekly here!


Bill Lynch

Bill Lynch's background includes Ashtanga Vinyasa, studying classical Hatha Yoga, and Yoga Therapy. He works closely with the medical community in integration of the therapeutic modalities of Yoga for various conditions and social service projects.  

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