Weight Loss Tips from Health Matters

Springfield FitLife is committed to the journey of being happy, healthy, and ultimately living the fit life no matter how you define it yourself. Our good friends Alicia Williamson and Kylie Glastetter at Health Matters wrote this helpful article about adjusting your health journey to better help you in reaching your weight loss goal. Read an excerpt from the article "15 Secret Tips for Weight Loss, Part 1 of 3" below!

"Welcome to the kick off of the weekend....glorious Friday! The weather is getting better and better and all our thoughts are turning to SUMMER and fun outside, the lake, hiking, swimming, etc. etc.! There is still plenty of time to work on getting your weight loss goals accomplished in time for your summer activities! 

Many of us in the "baby boomer" age bracket know all too well the struggle of keeping our desired figures. It seems sometimes we think we are doing everything right but still, we struggle. 

What if I told you there may be hidden factors you are not aware of that are holding you back from accomplishing your weight loss goals? That is what we are going to share with you in a 3 part series. We have identified for you, 15  Secret Tips for Weight Loss that we will break down into 3 separate blog posts of 5 tips each. This way you can really focus on working on each tip and adjusting your health journey to better help you in reaching your weight loss goal."

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You can read the rest of Alicia and Kylie's article on their website and find some more helpful articles like this! Come back to our blog for more content from local athletes, trainers, and health professionals! We'll be sharing articles from our favorite southwest Missouri fitness blogs weekly here!


Alicia Williamson and Kylie Glastetter

Alicia Williamson and Kylie Glastetter have many achievements between the two of them. But ultimately these amazing ladies are passionate about helping you reach your weight loss goals. See more about them here.

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