"Personal" Training with Dylan Harris

Here at Springfield FitLife we believe in making fitness work for YOU! Join our good friend Dylan Harris as he explains how important it is to emphasize the personal aspect of personal training. Read an excerpt from the article "Putting the "Personal" in Personal Training" below!

"The first thing that often comes to mind when most people hear "personal trainer" is some drill sergeant, Jillian Michaels personality screaming commands at someone. Or maybe they picture the club bro trainer that trains clients in his string tank top, with his fake spray tan and spiked hair. And maybe they picture something entirely different and less extreme. But regardless, most people only see the "trainer" part of personal training. "

dylan rowing.png

You can read the rest of Dylan's article on his website and find some more helpful articles like this! Come back to our blog for more content from local athletes, trainers, and health professionals! We'll be sharing articles from our favorite southwest Missouri fitness blogs weekly here!


Dylan Harris

Dylan Harris was named 417 Magazine's Best Personal Trainer of 2018. He truly believes that when one improves their fitness, they see an improvement in other areas of life as well.  

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