Moments of Inspiration with Danielle Dingman

At Springfield FitLife we're always looking for ways to not only inspire our readers, but also ourselves. Our good friend Danielle Dingman wrote an incredible article about finding her own inspiration during her recent triathlon! Read an excerpt from the article "Finding moments of inspiration" below!

"“What would you like to order?” the Vietnamese waitress asked me.

“Wonton soup, please.” A nutrient-dense meal that reminded me of the Pho soup I ate for dinner the night before Ironman 70.3 Texas.

It is Monday night, the day after my second pro triathlon. I just completed the 10.5 hour drive home from Houston and met my husband, Grayson, for dinner at one of our favorite Branson restaurants, Thai Thai.

It is common for us to go out to eat after I return from a race to catch up about our time apart. We talk about everything from work, to how George the Dog is doing, to family happenings, to all the details about the race experience. During our conversation, Grayson asked me, “what did you learn?”

Great question. I hadn’t thought about that.

Let’s rewind time to find out."


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Danielle Dingman

Danielle Dingman is a triathlete committed to relentlessly following her dreams and helping others realize theirs. 

See her full website here to keep up with her blog and race results!