Meal Prep and Fit Living with Chelsea BraDLEY

Who wouldn't want to be living the Springfield FitLife? Follow along with our good friend Chelsea Bradley as she shows you some tips and tricks for meal prep, gardening, and lifting in her everyday life. Read an excerpt from the article "A legit meal prep Monday + my plant babies + this is why you shouldn't stop lifting..." below!

"Monday was the last day of this breakfast! I prepped an egg and veggie casserole for the rest of the week. Jake and I met Kayla to run early Monday morning. After our run, Kayla and I went to the Y to start lifting again. We were both hungry, so we ate a quick breakfast before I picked her up. I inhaled this!


Teaching online classes can be hard. This semester was difficult at times as I balanced teaching three online college courses and working on my dissertation. It helps to get emails like this occasionally! 

Also, my dissertation is all about fostering online community...this student doesn't know that. How cool!"


You can read the rest of Chelsea's article on her website and find some more helpful articles like this! Come back to our blog for more content from local athletes, trainers, and health professionals! We'll be sharing articles from our favorite southwest Missouri fitness blogs weekly here!


Chelsea Bradley

Chelsea Bradley loves to run and eat delicious food. She's also finishing up her PhD in Reading Education. Currently she's preparing for her first full marathon!

See the rest of her journey here!