Exposing Diet Fads with Lindsay Sparks

An active lifestyle is about more than working out! You can't effectively hike, bike, or lift without starting with a good diet. Our good friend Lindsay Sparks tells you why carbs are important to your body no matter if the fad diets say otherwise. Read an excerpt from the article "It's Okay to Eat Carbohydrates" below!

"I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard that “bread is bad” and “I’m avoiding bread” or “I’m trying to cut out carbs.” Why are breads (and other carbohydrates) vilified in the dieting world? Carbs are the focus of attack because non-evidence-based nutrition information spreads like wildfire. This is nothing new. With every decade, comes a new fad or trend. Carbohydrates seem to be the latest target for the diet industry.

With all the noise out there about nutrition, it can get confusing. Since I am often asked about carbohydrates, I thought it was high time to dedicate a blog post to them! So, let’s chat about carbohydrates for a moment, shall we?"


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Lindsay Sparks

Lindsay Sparks is a registered dietitian and nutrition counselor with a passion for helping people to embrace their bodies and live a fulfilling, nourished life from the inside out. She believes that there is much more to life than obsessing over calories or a number on the scale.

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