Bike Handling Skills with Keith Donaldson

Springfield FitLife is passionate about enjoying the beautiful outdoors that the Ozarks have to offer! Many of us learned how to ride a bike as a kid, but not all of us know how to make it look good! Our good friend Keith Donaldson at Goat Rides Bikes made an informative video about five essential bike handling skills that anyone can accomplish! Read an excerpt from the article "Five Essential Bike Handling Skills Day 1" below!

"Can this old Goat learn some new tricks? Why? To be a better bike handler, to build new neural pathways making cool new things happen in my brain and to be a better rider.

The end Goal? To be able to do all 5 skills with confidence. How do I get there? Practice each skill for 15 minutes every day until I have them down. Then…move on to another set of skills. As I learn you can follow along by subscribing to the YouTube channel or to the Goat Rides Bikes blog at"

You can read the rest of Keith's article on his website and find some more helpful articles like this! Come back to our blog for more content from local athletes, trainers, and health professionals! We'll be sharing articles from our favorite southwest Missouri fitness blogs weekly here!


Keith Donaldson

Keith Donaldson is an avid cycler with self diagnosed OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder). He loves people and loves to ride all forms of human powered two wheeled machinery.

He also blogs at Goat Rides Bikes!