Gearing up for Cycling Success

Partners Jason Johannpeter, Jason Allen and Colin Brixey share a passion for cycling and together have over 25 years of experience in the bike business. Johannpeter spent eight years leading the team at Saint Louis based Momentum Cycles. He oversaw day to day operations and helped double the size of the store in O’Fallon. Allen and Brixey are both formerly of Cycles Unlimited, and now the three of them have partnered to launch Adventure Bicycle Company. Johannpeter started cycling in 2004. “I was doing a lot of running and started having knee issues. Doctors told me I could avoid future injuries by switching to cycling. I bought my first bike at Target for eighty bucks and can tell you, those bikes are not made to handle much. After starting work at Momentum Cycles, I really got into mountain biking, gravel riding, and bike culture in general.” Jason Johannpeter is one of the few people to have biked the entire Katy Trail in one day. “The Katy is a continuous trail from Clinton to Machens. You have to work pretty hard to get lost except when it goes through the city blocks and streets in the center of Sedalia. On the full-Katy ride it was dark when we went through and somebody played a trick with one of the signs, giving us an extra eight miles. So we rode 245 miles that day instead of 237 miles. Not funny at the time, but looking back it’s pretty funny now.”

We asked what it’s like starting a new bike shop. Johannpeter said “It’s cool to have a shop. There’s a million small details you would never consider. Working together and overcoming challenges has given us confidence and lets us know we’re on the right track. Our goal is to be a very community oriented gathering place with an atmosphere that gives you a warm inviting feeling when you stop in. We strive to be advocates and experts in all the different styles of cycling. We’ve challenged ourselves to be the resource for all things cycling in the Springfield community. Everything from where to ride, cycling events and participation, bike and accessory sales, and we even offer pick-up and delivery of your bike for service or repairs. We have bikes for kids, fitness hybrids, comfort hybrids, gravel bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes, as well as the best-in-class accessories. And if we don’t have it in stock, we can order it. Specialized, the brand we carry, has been underrepresented in the Springfield market for a long time. The heritage of the brand, the quality of products and the commitment to research and development is the best in the industry. We’re the only Specialized dealer within 95 miles of Springfield and we carry essentially every key category Specialized offers. We carry KUAT racks exclusively because we want to bring our customers the best products on the market. We are also working with Ozark Greenways and the City of Springfield in it’s efforts to make cycling more friendly and accessible. Whether it’s your first bike or your fifth, you’ll feel welcome here and we genuinely want to help you.”

April Nelson