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Quick Roots Juice, Delivered to Your Door

Sticky, sweet, and for kids. While these might be your first thoughts about juice, it’s not entirely true as they are not created equal. Some juices are healthy, good for you, and taste great. 

When Lori Quick started juicing, it was all about celery. She consulted an herbalist about some digestion issues at the time, and they suggested celery juice as the remedy. Lori says, “What used to be my beer fridge turned into my celery fridge.” If you have ever tried juicing, you understand. The amount of produce it takes to generate a tiny amount of juice can be shocking. So even though the celery juice had the desired effect of helping with digestion, and is scientifically proven to provide powerful antioxidants, the logistics of juicing were time-intensive and space-consuming. Knowing that she might not be alone in her experience, Lori started entertaining the idea of offering local, cold-pressed juice to others. She says, “I thought people might be interested in the end product without dealing with all the produce, time, and mess associated with juicing.” Quick Roots Juice was born from that realization. 

Quality Ingredients 

Lori knew that she wanted to provide the kind of juice to the public that she had been making for her personal consumption, with a focus on therapeutic and beneficial ingredients. Using organic and, when available, local ingredients was essential when she opened her juicing business in Springfield, Missouri. For instance, the benefits of turmeric might be well known, but finding palatable ways to incorporate it into cuisine regularly can be challenging. Mix it with some other flavorful juices such as cranberry and pineapple, and you have a sustainable, practical, and enjoyable way to incorporate turmeric and all its valuable properties into your diet. 

We all know the reputation of kale: beneficial but bitter. But when juiced in conjunction with apple and lemon, kids even find it tasty. Green Dream, a Quick Roots’ flagship juice, combines kale, apple, and lemon juices for a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, B6, and K without the vegetable-y taste. 

No Sugar for Me

Sugar is present in a natural form in fruit juices, but cold-pressed vegetable juices have very little raw sugar and no added. Quick Roots Juice has you covered for those looking to adhere to a low carbohydrate or keto diet. Straight Up Celery was an original, but with Everything Nice and To the Beet juices, you can have variety while still sticking to your diet. Chock full of superfoods, these concoctions are some of the healthiest.


Pink Salt Mocha (PSM) is a unique coffee drink created by Quick Roots using pumpkin seed milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. It’s made without refined sugar and is also dairy-free. Pumpkin seed oil, which occurs when the seeds are pressed, has the highest amount of linoleic acid, which is known to be a vital component of healthy cardiac cells. Can your pumpkin spice latte live up to that standard? 


Cold-pressing fresh produce is key to creating the healthiest, least processed drinks. While most people understand that high-quality food contributes to health and longevity, the individual actions required to attain these healthy options can be overwhelming. Quick Roots has a delivery service that makes it easy to get those nutrients. There are also juice bundles with a theme- such as Detox One Day Cleanse- or you can create your own. Lori explains that you can freeze juices in an ice cube tray to add a hint of flavor to your water, so getting your eight glasses is not so dull. This trick also stretches your dollars while providing the benefits of quality ingredients. 

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