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Photo by Miles Boyer

As Springfield Ballet steps gracefully into another year of tutus, pointe shoes and magical lifts, our not-
for-profit organization continues its mission to advance the art of ballet through education,
performance, outreach, and meaningful collaborations. Established in 1976, Springfield Ballet has not
only become a cherished arts landmark but also a pivotal force in nurturing passion and providing poise
for life within our community.

The holiday season at Springfield Ballet begins with the enchanting tradition of The Nutcracker, a
production that has delighted the hearts of Springfield since its inception. Each year, this beloved ballet
brings together a tapestry of community members and dancers, weaving together the young and the
young-at-heart in a celebration of dance, music, and storytelling. Our performance of The Nutcracker is
more than just a ballet—it’s a festive gathering that bonds our community, illuminates the dark winter
days, and introduces the magic of ballet to new audiences.

Beyond the sparkle of holiday performances, Springfield Ballet is thrilled to expand our repertoire with a
mix of contemporary works, a re-staging of Peter and the Wolf and a classic excerpt from Swan Lake.
These performances are curated to showcase the incredible talent and versatility of our dancers, while
also challenging and expanding the boundaries of traditional ballet. Our contemporary pieces, in
particular, reflect our commitment to innovation and demonstrate the dynamic possibilities of modern

Springfield Ballet’s dedication extends beyond the stage through our active engagement in the
community. Our Dance Chance programming is foundational to our outreach efforts. By providing after-
school dance opportunities, we bring the discipline and joy of ballet to students who might not
otherwise have the chance to experience it. These initiatives teach dance skills, while also instilling
confidence, teamwork, and a sense of achievement in young participants.

Another highlight of our educational outreach are our Second Grade Performances. These performances
give many students their first opportunity to experience being an audience member in a historic theatre
and enjoy the magic of ballet. This early introduction to the performing arts is crucial in developing
artistic talents and life skills that will benefit them far beyond the stage.

At Springfield Ballet, we believe that ballet is more than an art form; it’s a means to inspire, educate, and
connect our community. Each pirouette is an opportunity to bring people together, to share stories that
resonate, and to cherish a lifelong passion for the arts. We are committed to not only maintaining this
high standard of excellence but also bringing the transformative power of ballet to every corner of

Join us this season as we celebrate a year filled with exquisite performances, educational growth, and
community engagement. With each performance, whether it’s the timeless journey of The Nutcracker,
the innovative pulse of contemporary dance, or the tragic beauty of Swan Lake, Springfield Ballet
continues to dance towards a future where every step cultivates creativity and community connection.
Together, let’s keep the passion for dance alive and thriving, fostering a sense of poise and purpose that
our community—and its future generations—will cherish.

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