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If you’re looking for a place to get a strengthening, aerobic, and incredibly fun and entertaining workout, look no further than Springfield Aerial Fitness. A silks and aerials gym dedicated to fitness and fun; this place has something for the out-of-the-box wellness thinkers who are looking for something far more than a gym to exercise in. They offer a wide array of classes for people to choose from, from conditioning classes for aerial and pole courses to aerial yoga and circus training, they have it all. They are all about supporting aerialists in training and motivating everyone from every area of life and fitness level to try something new and outside of their comfort zones. Who says it’s too late to learn something new? They are more than just a gym for taking classes in too, they are an aerial arts center and they offer performing aerialists for entertainment as well. And trust us when we say they have some serious skills. You can even choose to partake in a private class with some friends, or you can try out the ever-growing in popularity of bungee fitness which is fun, springy, and full of energy. With a large group of instructors, they have you covered no matter what class or activity you are wanting to try. Check them out right away if you want to spice up our fitness regimen in a brand new and exciting way.

Address: 2811 E Galloway St. Suite B Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: 417-315-2861
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