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SEArinity Yoga at Wonders of Wildlife

Imagine a place both serene and full of life, aquatic life that is, where you can relax and learn new yoga poses bathed in calming blue light. Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium located in Springfield, MO hosts SEArenity Yoga, a unique yoga class in the heart of the aquarium. This 60-minute flow is a practice to find connection — to breath, body, and the present moment.

Guests are led through movement, synchronized with breath, which is both energizing and grounding. This class incorporates traditional sun salutations, breath work, core work, stretch, and gentle relaxation. You will be immersed in the beauty of the ocean while learning to strengthen your yoga technique. 

Your instructors, Tana Johnson and Kristin Tuterschlager are local yogis from the Ozarks with a combined experience of 10+ years of teaching to a wide range of ages. Kristin wholeheartedly believes yoga changed her life and teaches with a compassion-centered focus. She says, “Yoga is for everyone.”, and absolutely means it. Tana’s practice emphasizes presence in movement, body mobility, breathwork, flexibility, and meditation. She believes that everyone can be “equipped with a passion to explore connection – creating a bridge, not only with others but with the balanced and empowered space within oneself”. 

Here at SEArenity yoga, you will learn both new and classic yoga asanas, or poses, such as the śavāsana pose. This is one of the prominent asanas at SEArenity because in our “go go go” lifestyle of the west we do not often get time to just relax and feel in tune with our body. Kristin emphasizes that “Yoga is not always about a workout; it is about connecting with your body and mind”. If you are considering coming to a class, Kristin would encourage you, saying, “Yoga classes at Wonders of Wildlife are for all bodies of all experiences, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time practitioner. These classes are compassionately and thoughtfully led in an incredibly unique atmosphere”. Join us at Wonders of Wildlife for SEArenity Yoga every first and third Wednesday and Flow Yoga every fourth Wednesday of the month. For more information on classes and registration, visit

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