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Located just off of James River Expressway is a fortress and a facility waiting to help you improve your speed, strength, and power. Redline Athletics is a company founded on performance, agility, and strength training. They are motivated by athletics and sports conditioning and seek to help everyone who joins them at their facilities to become the best version of themselves they can by improving their overall fitness the Redline way. They pride themselves on being comprehensive and convenient in their approach to health and wellness. They call it the Redline Experience. Training sessions begin every hour and you can track your progress via their performance testing that happens every ninety days, allowing you to see how far you’ve truly come since you started. They have affordable membership options too so that everyone can find their activity level, comfort, and place to be at Redline Fitness. Seeking to turn up the heat on Springfield fitness, they truly have a goal of wellness for everyone in mind.

Address: 4234 S Reed Ave Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: 417-319-5766

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