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Yoga is a popular workout and relaxation technique that more and more people are choosing to incorporate into their daily habits and lifestyle. It’s something that can provide calmness, grounding, rootedness, and peace for its participants. Yoga can also be a killer workout and can provide maximum flexibility, increase and promote good blood flow and can help improve cardio and strength training. At Pure Hot Yoga, they’re focused on helping people become more authentic, happier, and healthier versions of themselves through the practice of hot yoga. Not only do they have in-studio classes that you can be a part of, but they also have a virtual studio that allows you to follow along from home anywhere or anytime. Hot Yoga is proven to help detox the body, reduce joint pain, improve sleep quality, enhance collagen production, and so much more. Located in Springfield, Pure Hot Yoga is a perfect place to get creative and energized with your fitness regimen. Utilizing infrared heat is guaranteed to take your workout to the next level. Join the crew at Pure Hot Yoga to get your sweat on in the best way possible.

Address: 3938 S Lone Pine Ave Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: 417-886-7873

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