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Proximal Strength is a fitness facility dedicated to building and strengthening lives by providing people with ample fitness and community opportunities. They pride themselves on being dedicated to and committed to daily mental, physical and spiritual growth for themselves and their members and clients alike. Their three key points of focus are strong, unified, and rooted. They seek to elevate wellness, health, and fitness. Through personal training, diversity in their client and members, and CrossFit training, they will provide you with a wide range of levels, activity and fitness modes, and age/lifestyle clientele. They have three quizzes that you can take to help you find exactly where you are and need to go to get to your goals both in fitness and in life. They offer a wide variety of classes to take as well from rowing courses to endurance training, group workouts of the day, foundations classes, and a new member orientation that gets you introduced to the environment and facilities. Proximal Strength is a place dedicated to whole-body wellness and health, not stopping short of achieving your best in every area of life.

Address: 1900 W Sunset Street B100 Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-343-4588

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