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What is an “Over the Edge” event?

Combine extreme adventure and extreme community impact, and you get Over the Edge! This unique event stands high above the rest! Over the Edge challenges 92 participants to raise a minimum of $1,000 for the Child Advocacy Center in exchange for the opportunity to rappel 11 stories down the Sky 11 Building in downtown Springfield. This once-in-a-lifetime experience helps give children and families access to much-needed resources, supports education and training for our communities to recognize and prevent child abuse and neglect, and gives young victims a voice and nurtures hope as they begin to heal. The CAC is striving for a better tomorrow, where Justice is accessible, families are resilient, and healing is possible.

Over 90% of the time a child is abused by someone they know and trust, which makes investigating child abuse complicated. The CAC provides a safe place where children can share their experiences with highly trained staff. The CAC staff works to meet the unique needs of each child and reduce the number of times they have to talk to multiple agencies about their experience. Most importantly, the CAC seeks
to help each child begin their healing journey.

When presented with the opportunity to rappel for a cause, people often say they are afraid of heights. A past participant and current director at the Clild Advocacy Center, Lori Barnes Miller said this about her rappelling experience: “If children can overcome their fear and face their abusers, we as adults can overcome our fear for 15 minutes to provide them with that opportunity,”

The Child Advocacy Center serves 16 counties across Southern Missouri with 2 locations, in Springfield and West Plains, MO. In 2021 the CAC saw over 1,400 children. Every day, children are choosing to be brave, face fears, and speak up. If they are courageous enough to share their experiences and seek justice and healing, then what’s holding you back from facing your fears and taking the leap?

Registration is now open! Visit the Child Advocacy Center’s website today, consider challenging a friend to rappel with you, start a fundraising competition, put together a team, or establish a theme and rappel in costume…the opportunities for fun are limitless. Once you register, the CAC will be in touch via email with all the resources you need to make Over the Edge: Go Big or Go Home an event you’ll never forget!

No rappelling experience is required and a trained, Over the Edge professional, will guide you through every step of the experience.

This key fundraising opportunity for the CAC is done in partnership with the Canadian-based company, Over the Edge, and The Vecino Group of Springfield. Child Advocacy Center’s mission is to provide access to critical services, support child abuse investigations, and raise community awareness to prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect in Southern Missouri.

For more information and to register, visit

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