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All of our Advertisers, Day Spas, Pharmacies, Fitness Events, Doctor's Offices, Beauty Salons, Cafes, Libraries, Coffee Shops, Dry Cleaners, Fitness Centers, Golf Courses, Health Food Stores, Urgent Care Centers, Weight Loss Centers, Yoga Studios... and more!


 Springfield FitLife is a wellness guide for active adults seeking a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We keep it simple: our guide is designed to provide healthy solutions for active adults...and high returns for our advertisers! Springfield FitLife takes a highly targeted and cost effective approach to helping your business grow and is part of the Hidden Values family of publications. Hidden Values Inc. has more than 25 years experience in the target marketing industry. Our publications are backed by a proven track record with over 60 publications throughout the nation. Springfield FitLife is locally owned and operated.


Pinpoint Target Marketing

Reach new customers by investing in your business. The majority of our readers are active women who depend on FitLife to provide them with products and services to enhance their lifestyle. We work every day to bring you these customers.

Targeted/Effective Distribution

Our magazines are strategically placed in local venues and business where health & wellness minded adults are likely to be. Our "pick it up" distribution system is the most effective method to reach new customers. Your money is invested--not wasted!

You Are the Content

We keep it simple and focus completely on YOU! Your information in FitLife is the vital information our readers seek to live a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Impressive full color

Never pay extra for full color in FitLife! Your message will be displayed in full color on high quality glossy magazine stock, providing a great look to promote your business. Studies prove color works better!

Portable Size

The Convenient size of FitLife makes it easy to use and easy to keep so your ad will always be working for you!

Advertising You Can Afford

We believe you will find advertising in FitLife to be the most cost effective way to increase your business. We have various ad sizes to present your information in an attractive and informative style - add a coupon for additional exposure.


We reach active consumers each month by strategic placement of our FitLife magazines in 250+ select locations. Our goal is to have 100% picked up and used! In order to reach this goal, we carefully monitor our distribution and alter it as needed.



What Our Advertisers are Saying

Springfield FitLife is the ideal partner for any organization wishing to target fitness enthusiasts in our community. We have seen significant results from our ads in Springfield FitLife, and always enjoy working with their friendly, professional staff.
It’s always great exposure for businesses like ours to get in front of health-conscious people. That’s why Springfield FitLife is such a great choice!
Springfield FitLife Magazine is awesome! Beautifully organized and distributed to the target audiences that matter the most to small business owners in the Ozarks!
— Aaron Anthes, American Pool & Spa

Ad Size Matters, Find Your Right Fit


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Super Influentials in Every Segment are Devoted Print Magazine Readers


Super Influentials among devoted media users (in millions)

*Includes internet magazine activity.
Sources: The Association of Magazine Media. Index: Percentage of super influentials within top quintile of users of each medium vs. percentage of super influentials among adults 18+. Note: Super influentials are defined as people who have great experience in this topic and whose advice on this topic is trusted by friends and family members, and who recommend products or services on this topic to others. Source: GfK MRI, Spring 2016


What Neuroscience Says About why Print Magazine Ads Work


Reading on paper is slower and deeper; paper readers remember more.

Source: The Association of Magazine Media, “What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works?” A White Paper from MPA–The Association of Magazine Media, Scott McDonald, Ph.D. Nomos Research, October 2015

Source: The Association of Magazine Media, “What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works?” A White Paper from MPA–The Association of Magazine Media, Scott McDonald, Ph.D. Nomos Research, October 2015



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