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Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have lately become as essential to interior decorating as coffee tables and scatter cushions. But houseplants have been falling in and out of favor for hundreds of years, ever since they first migrated from the outdoors to the indoors.

Due to the multitude of health benefits, they bring to indoor spaces, however, their presence should transcend fashion and see them take up a place of importance in every interior space, along with sofas and chairs. These are the advantages of bringing a bit of outdoor greenery indoors.

Breathing Cleaner Air

Indoor plants do what no other piece of furniture or interior décor item can do – they clear the air of toxins. A bromeliad plant was found to be able to remove 80 percent of six volatile organic compounds found in a house’s interior. When plants photosynthesize, they draw in carbon dioxide and air pollutants and release oxygen. Rooms with a higher oxygen content also lead to better sleep, which is responsible for maintaining healthy immune function, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improving memory.

Improved Mental Health

There’s a reason that flowers and houseplants are given as gifts and pick-me-ups to patients in hospitals. Some studies have proven that hospital patients who have flowers and plants on their bedside table, or whose room overlooks a garden, recover more quickly than those who don’t. Being around plants also reduces psychological stress, and gardening is especially beneficial for those who suffer from mental health disorders. Horticultural therapy is also often prescribed for patients with conditions such as depression and anxiety. There are even clinics in the U.K. that encourage the presence of indoor plants for patients with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Enhanced Productivity

Having a view from your office of a natural setting will probably improve your feeling of well-being, but for those who don’t have this luxury, an indoor plant may deliver the same service. Studies show that being within proximity to plants in your office can deliver great benefits – in fact, a potted palm might be the best office mate you could ever hope to find. Being in a plant-filled space has a positive effect on memory, concentration, as well as productivity. Those who work in office settings that include natural elements also experience more job satisfaction, as well as interest in the company they work for than those whose work environments are devoid of plants.

Improved Healing

Studies have revealed that plants assist hospital patients and that just looking at flowers or plants speeds up recovery from an illness. Patients in recovery from surgical procedures have also been found to need less pain medication and recuperate faster than those that don’t have greenery to look at. Horticultural therapy is also another technique that can improve recovery time, as those that physically interact with plants get to go home sooner after having had medical procedures.

Stress Reduction

Studies have found that having plants in the home or office has a very beneficial effect on the occupants of that space as well as reducing their stress and tiredness. Plants also make a home feel more welcoming and comfortable. Those with broad leaves are especially appropriate on work desks or for home offices. If you haven’t kept plants before, start with succulents and place them in an area that receives lots of sunlight. If the rooms in your house or office receive only moderate light, it’s best to start your gardening pastime with philodendrons.

Having plants in the home is more than just a current trend, it’s a way to improve mental and physical health. Filling your living and working areas with plants will soon have you feeling healthier, focusing better, breathing cleaner air and just being all-around happier.

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