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Team training and life-changing are the two main goals of F45 Training studio in Springfield, Missouri. Located on Republic Road amongst some of the finest workout studios the 417 has to offer, you can find this hidden gem, or gym if you will, that is dedicated to training clients and changing lives. F45 stands for functional training. The F is functional and the 45 equates to the total amount of time to get sweating and get fit with their fully dynamic and total body workouts. The people at F45 realize that sometimes time is limited and not everyone has a ton of time to pour into the gym or commit to exercising their body, which is why they promise to deliver an effective and life-changing workout in a shorter time frame to keep people moving and to allow them to get on with their day. The types of workouts you’ll achieve and partake in at F45 are HIIT, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. Maximizing benefits and shortening time frames is what they’re all about. They also promote a team training atmosphere where you’ll truly get to feel like a part of a team and community in this gym. They often times offer up countless challenges for their clients to partake in, for example, their 8-week challenge which is designed to encourage gym-goers to stick to a routine for eight weeks and to maximize the results they will see because of such discipline and motivation. They’re constantly innovating and evolving their workout game at F45, so we encourage you to check them out if you’re ready to get your sweat on and get a legit workout, in just 45 minutes.

Address: 1937 W Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-861-7532

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