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It’s been a long time coming. CycleBar Springfield East has been in the works for over a year, and with 2020 in the rearview mirror, the business is only looking forward to opening their doors and sharing this incredible fitness experience with Springfield.  Husband and wife owners, Jeromy and Megan Rolloos, have put in countless hours to bring the studio to life, and they are finally opening the studio doors in July 2021.  “Last year really slowed everything to a halt, but we persevered and it feels so great to see the studio coming together.  We’re so grateful for the Members who stayed with us through all of it”, said Megan. 

In April, the couple brought on Manager, Britney Davis, to see to the studio’s daily operations, and to help spread the word that CycleBar is opening – the wait is finally over!

Britney stated, “As soon as I knew CycleBar was coming to the area, I knew I wanted to be a part of the brand in any way possible–they are exactly what Springfield needs: they are all about inclusivity, hard work, and most importantly-JOY!”

CycleBar offers 5 unique ride styles, taught by a live instructor in a state of the art CycleTheater using only top of the line equipment. “Our Schwinn bikes are custom made for CycleBar and include two weight bars, dual clip pedals (SPD and Delta), and ride smoother than you can imagine,” Jeromy explains. Live instructors (CycleStars) lead each class through a series of hills and drills while using their customized playlist and LED lighting to set the mood.

CycleBar is more than a workout, it’s more than just cardio day, it’s a lifestyle, a community, a family. 

Having worked for many types of people throughout their lives, Jeromy and Megan feel they understand that the best way to take the best care of members, is to not only offer an unmatched cycling experience, an impeccably clean studio, and amazing sound and lights, but also to hire amazing people.

“When you take great care of your team, they take great care of your members,” Megan offers. “If the studio atmosphere is filled with kindness and positivity from our team members, it will carry over to our Membership. Before we do anything, we consider if it’s in our Members’ best interest as well as the team.”

Open call auditions for CycleStars will be held periodically, so if you’ve ever thought of being a cycling instructor, contact the studio and set up an audition! “After we open and our class schedule expands, we’ll need to add instructors to keep up with demand, and we will always be seeking incredibly talented people to add to our team,” said Megan.

CycleBar is finally opening in Springfield, so go check out this fun new fitness option in 417-land!  Follow them on social media for studio updates, Grand Opening info, and Ribbon-Cutting dates.

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