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Tylar was introduced to sports at a young age by her mother, who raised her and her twin sister in a single parent home. Basketball was Tylar’s childhood passion, but after picking up a volleyball that passion quickly changed. Tylar made the volleyball team at Jarrett Middle School where she fell in love with the sport and has continued to improve her skills ever since.

Learning a new sport can have its challenges, especially when those challenges go beyond the athleticism. Growing up in Springfield, it was evident volleyball wasn’t made up of minorities. “I remember traveling to tournaments that hosted 6-12 teams and being the only African American athlete”. However, Tylar refused to let that hold her back. She knew there was room in the sport for girls that looked like her, and she was determined to prove it.

With no extra practice, but a lot of tenacity, Tylar earned her spot on the Junior Varsity volleyball team her first year at Parkview High School. After her freshman year, she was introduced to club volleyball and committed to Club Apex – formally known as Club Bear. She played 3 years of club volleyball with Apex, and is grateful to club owner Sue Daughtery for the experience.

Tylar’s hard work and dedication went on to help earn her a volleyball scholarship to Stephens College. There she played for Kenyan Volleyball Junior Olympian, Rose Obunaga. After earning a B.S. in Marketing and Communications, she moved back home to pursue her dreams of being a volleyball coach.

That dream would come to fruition as Tylar gained employment as the Pipkin Middle School 7th grade Head Coach. When the school season was finished, Tylar was just getting started. Club season rolled around, and she went back to where it all began by accepting the role of a Club Apex Coach for the 2019-2020 club season.

After 2 years of coaching, Tylar began her training career. Starting with only three clients, she used the Chesterfield Community Center as her training facility. After one year of training the pandemic hit hard. However, instead of shutting down, she mobilized her business, Trainings By T, and brought volleyball sessions to the backyards of her athletes. With the help of her mom, she recorded instructional videos and drills that athletes could perform at home by themselves. She then purchased more volleyballs and equipment to ensure quality training equipment was available for athletes who had little to no gym access. After a sizzling summer of outdoor sessions, she gained access to a new gym that would permanently change her training style.

On the way to completing the second year of her masters degree, Tylar accepted an internship at RedLine Athletics, a youth sports performance training facility in Springfield. While at RedLine, Tylar revamped her business and became certified as a sports performance specialist, gaining knowledge in areas like injury prevention, agility training, and more. After one month of interning, Tylar signed as an  independent contractor, giving Trainings by T a new home. Today, the small business hosts training sessions out of Cy Sports Complex in Nixa, but is working hard to secure a full-time home.

You may be wondering what makes Trainings by T different from other training programs. Well, Trainings by T is a volleyball training program like no other. Tylar’s program brings energy and creativity, giving athletes a challenging training session they’ll never forget. Her mission is to help athletes discover their inner leader by building their character, improving their confidence, and sharpening their overall skill set to develop an athlete who leads on and off the court.

Trainees can expect a session with Trainings by T to be challenging and full of excitement and energy. The stretching routine will even be different from what most athletes are used to. Utilizing tools like a foam roller to roll out knots and sore muscles, and sliders to stretch hamstrings, calves, quads and hips. The Trainings by T program emphasizes stretching to increase flexibility to prevent injury. Tylar is hands- on, engaging with clients in every drill, and competing on or above the level of her clientele. Trainings are structured to challenge the athlete, and push them to reach their full potential.

Private training sessions are held at Cy Sports Complex twice a week for one hour. Single and double trainings are offered with a player cap of three per training. Volleyball players ages 8-18 years old are welcome to train with several skill programs being offered. All athletes are required to complete a short questionnaire prior to their first training. The questionnaire is focused on three components – past experiences, current skill level, and future goals. Tylar then uses that information to customize a specific program that caters to the wants and needs of that athlete.

While running her small business, Tylar earned a master’s degree in Sports Management from Missouri State University. Today, she continues to impact athletes through volleyball in Springfield and the surrounding areas. She proudly serves as Head Freshman Coach at her alma mater Parkview High School. She also serves as a coach for the Nixa Tamales volleyball club during the high school off season. She continues to further her education in volleyball training and has obtained several certifications including Fundamentals of Coaching, Mental Health/Suicide Prevention, and Concussions in Sports under the National Federation of State High School Association. Tylar is also a certified member of Heart of America Volleyball and has completed IMPACT, and Safesport Training for club volleyball.

Tylar currently has a roster of 47 athletes and holds a special relationship with each one. She finds joy in helping her athletes achieve their goals, from serving the ball over the net, to receiving a college scholarship. Most of her athletes come from Branson, Nixa, and Rogersville. However, clients travel from Willard, Ozark, Ava, Mt. Grove, Springfield, and other locations.

With year four approaching, Tylar is ready to take her small business to new heights. Finding a permanent home for her athletes to train year-round is the next goal for this local business. “I’m looking for a space that would allow me to train my athletes 3x-4x a week” explains Tylar. “I’m open to using church’s, community centers, and school gyms too.” In a few short years, Tylar envisions herself owning her own facility where athletes can train, lift weights, and even gain employment while still being in high school. In the meantime, she plans to continue helping volleyball players discover their inner leader, on and off the court.

You can find informative training videos, drills, and more on the Trainings by T Facebook page, and TikTok.

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