Club Pilates - Springfield, MO
Club Pilates - Springfield, MO

Pilates is one of the most versatile and beneficial exercises that is out there today. Focusing on countless muscle groups, strength training, stretching, you name it, Pilates is beneficial on nearly every health and wellness level. At Club Pilates in Springfield, they focus on taking their clients on a journey through mastering the art and practice of Pilates. By offering up four levels of difficulty that clients and gym members can work their way through, they are catering to every body type, fitness level and experience level. The four levels they offer are Foundation, Progression, Evolution and Mastery. By requiring experience in the previous level before advancing to the next, they ensure that no one dives in too fast or too advanced for their comfort level. They also provide a variety of courses that club members can choose from. From suspension training to cardio sculpting to balance classes, there’s a way to target every area of the body in a variety of ways at Club Pilates. Located on the south side of the 417 on Republic Road, this fitness club is the perfect place to unwind, disconnect from the outside world and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and way of living. Their instructors offer support and counseling and their facilities offer up premium gear and a positive environment. No matter what stage of fitness you’re at, you’ll find a welcoming and engaging atmosphere at Club Pilates. Guaranteed.

Address: 2144 E Republic Rd Ste. E 103, Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-385-1285

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