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Perhaps it’s the daunting look of weightlifting or the intensity of cardio classes. Maybe it’s built-up anxiety about walking into a fitness facility that can make the thought of exercise unenjoyable for some of us. Whatever the reason may be, Club Pilates takes every ounce of intimidation away with a workout built on fun in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Classes at Club Pilates are low-impact, highly-effective workouts designed for everybody – no matter your fitness level, age, or body type. Pilates has proven results, and countless benefits, that improve your quality of life. Simply put, Pilates helps you do everything better.

Erin Heslin, an instructor with Club Pilates in Springfield, says “The primary goal of Pilates is to increase strength and stability in the core”. Erin began practicing Pilates in 2005 and has been hooked ever since. She began teaching in 2006 and earned her full studio certification in 2008 from Stott Pilates. 

Not only does Pilates help improve balance with every class – thanks to the design and range of motion that comes from the equipment – but it also decreases fall risk in older adults while increasing their mobility and range of motion.

Pilates also brings much-needed stress reduction and a sense of calmness. Everyone is busy, and stress often runs high as people take on their daily tasks and try to accomplish everything on their to-do lists. The very practice of Pilates improves blood circulation and encourages relaxation, not to mention producing a flexible, toned body. 

In addition to the balance and stress relief benefits, Pilates improves the immune system by activating all of the core muscles that support the immune center: the gut. People who practice Pilates regularly have stronger immune systems to fight off infection and have better overall health.

During a class, there is usually an instructor there, like Erin, to guide the moves and the positions. Instructors also critique and adjust students’ forms to help them get the most out of every second of their workout.

Erin says the best part of teaching at Club Pilates is meeting and getting to know the fantastic clients who come to learn and grow. “No one in Pilates classes seems the same. People from all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and ages. Every type of person can enjoy and reap the rewards of Pilates classes.”

The reformer machines are state-of-the-art and entirely designed to enhance your workout. By utilizing your own body weight, the reformer equipment, and traditional fitness moves like bicep curls and sit-ups, Pilates maximizes each workout in a way that is customized, enjoyable and fun.The equipment and the exercises at Club Pilates can be customized for anybody, making it perfect for those looking to tone up, rehab from an injury, train for a particular hobby or sport, or for those looking for a low-impact, full-body workout. Click here to learn more and sign up for your free 30-minute introduction class.

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