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Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

What you do in the morning sets the tone for the day. Will your day be positive, productive, and uplifting? It depends on you. Let’s look at some effective ways to upgrade your morning routine and have a happy, healthy, and more productive day.

Calm Your Mind Before the Hustle Starts

Mornings are hectic. You struggle to free yourself from the calling of your warm bed and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Sometimes we set ourselves up for such a struggle. Try setting your alarm 15 minutes early, so you can slow the pace of your morning routine. Spend 10 minutes quietly meditating in bed. Your cortisol (a stress hormone) level is highest when you first wake up, and meditation will help lower it so you feel calmer. Also, consider investing in a natural sunrise alarm that wakes you in a gradual, natural manner.

Open the Shades

Exposing your eyes to natural light as soon as you wake up helps synchronize your internal biological clock and circadian rhythms. This will not only improve your mental health but can also optimize your physical well-being. Your internal clock coordinates hormones and neurotransmitters that affect every aspect of bodily function. So, open up the shades or curtains as soon as you wake up. Even better, step outside and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.

Drink a Big Glass of Water Before Coffee

After 7 or more hours of sleeping, your body is in a dehydrated state. Ever noticed how dry your mouth is upon awakening? Hold off on that cup of coffee and drink a big glass of water instead. Even mild dehydration can cause mild depressive symptoms, fatigue, and headache. Studies show that many people wander around in a mild state of dehydration. Add some fruit slices to your glass of water for more flavor and vitamin C.

Have a Positive Mantra

Good mental health is a crucial part of having a happy and productive day. The purpose of a mantra is to focus your thoughts on something uplifting and positive. In turn, that will improve your mental health. Mantras are sometimes used as part of meditation, but they aren’t limited to that practice. You can recite one anytime you need to calm your mind or focus on what’s important in your life.

Once you have your mantra, incorporate it into your daily life, so it becomes a habit. The more often you repeat your mantra, the more likely it will become part of who you are and help guide your behavior. To get started, write your mantra on sticky notes or post-it notes, and place them around the house where they’ll catch your attention when you wake up and throughout the day. Staying positive will help you feel better physically and mentally. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others with respect and kindness too.

Write in Your Journal

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-awareness, self-expression, and creativity. Journaling will help you connect with your authentic self, emotions, creativity, and goals. Writing in a journal can also bring stability, clarity, and even healing. You’ll find it cathartic. You can also use your journal to get worries off your chest, so they won’t weigh you down throughout the day. If you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas or solutions to problems, try writing them down in your journal. Writing about a problem helps clarify your feelings about it and provides insights that you wouldn’t

Keep Your Goals Manageable and Write Them Down

Did you know that ill-defined goals can cause stress and get your morning off on a sour note? A common problem with people who set goals is they make them too big or too vague. Your goal should be specific, measurable, and attainable. A good way to keep your goals manageable is to write them down, but that’s not all.

You also need to make your morning goals more specific and manageable. Break your goals down into smaller steps that are less intimidating and easier to achieve. Having your day mapped out and knowing what steps you’ll be taking removes uncertainty and will make your day less stressful.

Skip the Morning Bagel

What’s your go-to breakfast? If it’s something high in refined carbohydrates, time to upgrade what you start your morning with. A bagel will send your blood sugar soaring and drop it just as quickly. That’s not what you need. Include a source of protein and fiber-rich carbohydrates to stabilize your blood sugar, so you’ll have sustainable energy for the day. How about replacing that bagel with a veggie omelet?

The Bottom Line

The morning should be the best time of day! Putting these tips into practice is one way to get every morning off to a better start.

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